Life in the field

All HindsholmPork pigs, sows, piglets and slaughter pigs live outside their entire life, but can find shelter in huts on the fields. HindsholmPork pigs have at no point less than 200 m2 field to run around on. All pigs are put on “new ground” every year, so we can benefit from the fact that the pigs have cleaned up the soil for weeds and have also fertilized it. We have no pigs with rings in their noses. We love it when they can root around to find food.

Animal welfare and health

To do things as natural as possible, we wean our piglets by allowing them to have milk with their mother as long as she has milk. This is usually up to 17 weeks. Normally piglets are weaned at 4 to 7 weeks. This natural weaning means that our pigs never have problems with diarrhea that is usually treated with penicillin. Our sows farrow about 7-8 piglets a year, normal sows have about 30 piglets a year.

At HindsholmPork there isn’t any medicine like penicillin on the farm. The vet is called in case of sickness and if a pig is treated, it is marked so it can always be traced. Our pigs our healthy and fit because of the way we raise them.

Natural Feed

The pigs find much of their feed on their own, eating grass, roots, worms, snails, beetles and a lot more. They’re fed exclusively with 100% traceable organic feed – we can always point to the fields where their feed comes from. During the colder months we also fed them with seaweed.

HindsholmPork pigs are fed barley, rye, oats, peas, lupins and fava beans – never soya. They always have access to green feed.

Natural feed and lots of exercise means that our pigs grow very slowly. It takes minimum a year to be finished for slaughter, which is twice as long as normal


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