Butchering and curing

Our pigs are born on our land and it is here they end their good, long, natural lives. Our animals are NEVER exposed to crowded and stressful transportation, nor have they walked on any form of concrete, which much against their nature.

After veterinarian inspection, the pigs are put down directly in the field. This not only gives the best taste and quality to the meat, but it is also the only right way in regards to animal welfare.

After butchering and a subsequent veterinarian inspection, the meat is hung for curing to ensure the best quality.

The curing process is important for animals, which are brought up in a natural way. The curing is done in our curing room, where we control humidity, temperature and air circulation.

We don’t have to tattoo our pigs before slaughter with a tattoo hammer, something which neither pigs nor we care for. As a guarantee that the meat is HindsholmPork, all the meat is stamped with our logo and our authorization number 5977 before it leaves the farm.

Meat quality and products

HindsholmPork has particularly beautiful and uniform fat marbling, with a good balance between meat and fat. The fat is extremely tasty, velvety and pliable. We can only get this kind of result by raising the pigs in a natural way.